Things to do near the Rooster Comb Inn

Mountain Weather Forecast

Being prepared for a big day in the mountains means monitoring the weather, and being prepared to stay overnight if anything were to go amiss in your plans for the day. Check the mountain forecast for peak weather before you depart, which can vary greatly from the weather in our beautiful valley.

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Adirondack Fire Challenge

Maybe not ready for a high peak? The Adirondack fire towers are a great and challenging hike alternative, and can be challenging depending on which you choose. Some are off of seasonal road closures, be sure to check before you go!

Saranac 6er

Looking for a smaller challenge? The Saranac 6er is a great option, about an hour from the valley, it offers 6 shorter hikes with great views and technical trails.

Lake Placid 9er

The Lake Placid 9er adds on a layer of additional distance and vertical gain amount the 9 identified hikes when compared to the Saranac 6er. Another great challenge to keep you experiencing new trails in the area!

ADK 46er

The Adirondack high peaks region has 46 peaks over 4,000 feet. A popular yet difficult hiking challenge is to hike all of them, and become an “ADK 46er.” The above link will give additional information the hikes. It is highly recommended to try smaller peaks before taking on a 4,000 foot peak. The Adirondacks region is rugged and memorable, yet can turn precarious without proper preparation.